Load Runner Online Training

   Fundamentals of LoadRunner

  • Discuss the value of load testing
  • Plan for effective load testing
  • Establish load test goals
  • Run load test scenarios
  • Load and overload when executing scenarios
  • Analyze and interpret load test results

   VuGen Scripting

  • Create Web Virtual users using VuGen
  • Read VuGen Web code
  • Measure specific business processes
  • Verify functionality under load
  • Parameterize scripts to handle user input data

   Introduction to Scenarios

  • Explain the elements of a Load-Runner scenario
  • Present the basic steps for creating a scenario
  • Prepare for a scenario run
  • Identify techniques for running a scenario efficiently

   Using Run-time Settings

  • Explain the difference between Script and
  • Scenario Run-time settings


  • Explain the value of analyzing results
  • Work with the graphs to display data

   Additional Sessions

  • Introduction to Basic SQL( Database testing)
  • FAQ's
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