Oracle 10g Online Training

   Architecture 5

  • Defining an
  •      Oracle server
  • Understanding
  •      Physical structure
         Memory structure
         process structure
         logical structure
  • Execution of SQL statements User sessions

   Oracle Installation 3

  • Pre-install steps
  •      checking certification
         software compatibility
         hardware compatibility
         creating Unix logins
         setting kernel parameter
         applying os level patches
         Installing the software
  • Post install steps

   Creating a New Database 3

  • Identifying the application and the no. of applications the DB will support
  • Understanding TS, changing initialization parameters
  •      SGA size, processes
         TS Naming conventions, Block sizes
         Type of DB, No. of Users the DB has to support
         Dropping a Database, sysaux
         Tablespace and Default tablespace

   Managing an Oracle Database 1

  • Creating and Managing initialization files
  •      PFILE and SPFILE
         Adv.Of SPFILE over PFILE
  • Identifying the various states/options of instance startup/shutdown DB mount/open stages
  • Monitoring Alert and Trace files in udump, bdump, and cdump for DB troubleshooting
  • Configuring System Global Area (SGA)
  •      DB buffer Cache
         Log buffer
         shared pool
  • Understanding Back ground processes- Mandatory/ optional and the jobs performed by them using the data dictionary to retrieve information about the database - V$, DBA_views
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