QC Online Training

   Introduction to QC

   Working with Releases

  • Understanding the relationship between releases and cycles
  • Creating a release tree
  • Tying requirements to releases and cycles
  • Viewing requirement coverage by cycle
  • Tying tests to releases and cycles

   Defining Requirements

  • Understanding requirement types
  • Creating and defining requirements
  • Building a requirements tree
  • Tying requirements to releases and cycles

   Test Planning

  • Building a test plan tree
  • Creating tests
  • Linking tests and requirements
  • Designing test steps
  • Using parameters in tests
  • Configuring a test to call other tests
  • Generating test scripts

   Test Execution

  • Building a test sets tree
  • Creating test sets
  • Organizing tests in a test set
  • Executing manual and automated tests
  • Recording and reviewing test execution results

   Defect Tracking

  • Logging defects
  • Searching and reviewing defects
  • Associating defects to other entities
  • Updating a defect
  • Tracking the status of defects

   Version Control

   Reporting and Analysis

  • Generate analysis reports and graphs using the Dashboard
  • Generate Microsoft Excel reports

   Quality Center Administration

  • Logging on to Site Administration
  • Site Administrator components
  • Creating domains and projects
  • Maintaining Quality Center Projects
  • Managing Users and User Groups
  • Adding users to a project and Creating user groups
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